18 February 2022

Market insights to help your business

Global research shows that Australians are known for our friendliness and optimism. People know us for living life to the fullest, and for our warm and infectious spirit.

People know us for living life to the fullest, and for our warm and infectious spirit.

What we’re less well known for is being dynamic and forward thinking, or for our highly educated people who are willing to question the norm and push things forward.

Australia’s Nation Brand is designed to help shift perceptions of Australia to embrace these qualities and strengths, which are so critical to our economic offering, and to the development of new industries and sectors.

What the world thinks of Australia

Independent research agency Fiftyfive5 was engaged by the Australian Government to analyse what Australians think about themselves, what the world thinks of Australia, and how best to position Australian products, people and places internationally.

This in-depth research can help Australian businesses, industry and government better position their products and services, attract greater investment and entice more people to visit and study with Australia.

What makes people choose Australia for tourism, study or business?

International research showed that people in seven international markets see Australia as a trustworthy country - and that helps drive a positive perception of Australia.

Being seen as welcoming is important in building our brand and our friendly, warm and infectious spirit also ranks highly.

The way we speak – our tone, the language we use, the stories we tell about Australian people, places and products – will all influence the world’s perception of us as a nation.

What makes people more likely to engage with Australia for tourism, products, trade or travel?

Australian’s quality standards, intelligence and creativity drive people to engage with Australian products and services.

In particular, our commitment to the highest quality standards and being able to demonstrate intelligence through achievement, and our ability to look at problems creatively to develop solutions are all seen as positives.

When promoting Australia internationally, showcase the vibrancy, diversity and creative spirit that’s at the heart of what makes us Australian.

We can drill down by sector into what we need to dial up

When it comes to promoting Australian goods and services, the sector you’re marketing to matters.

International research in seven key markets showed that positioning your product or service in a certain way can positively impact buyer behaviour.

If you’re promoting Australian tourism offerings or products to potential travellers and international consumers, it’s important to focus on:

  • Australia’s commitment to the highest standards
  • Demonstrating intelligence through achievement
  • Looking at problems creatively to develop solutions

If you’re promoting Australian education and products to potential students and business decision makers such as international importers, it’s important to focus on:

  • Australians’ friendly, warm spirit
  • Being dynamic and forward thinking
  • Australians’ willingness to question the norm (for the education sector in particular)

We can drill down by market into what we need to dial up

People in seven key international markets were surveyed to show what attributes were considered uniquely Australian, and attractive, in each market.

Importantly, trustworthiness is a key driver in consumers choosing Australian products, services and offerings.

In the UK – a great insight for anyone looking to make the most of our new Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement – Australians’ willingness to question the norm is seen as important.