Australia’s Nation Brand Story

Australia’s Nation Brand helps us bring the best of Down Under to the world. It’s designed to showcase our stories, people, places and products in a more unifying way.

Inspiration behind Australia’s Nation Brand

We’re a progressive nation with a rich culture. Together, we can achieve whatever we set our hearts and minds to. That spirit is at the heart of Australia’s Nation Brand.

Co-created with Indigenous designers, the Brand elements are inspired by ancient stories from the Dreaming and embedded with a cultural richness that speaks distinctively of Australia.

They embody the spirit of Yamulhu awara ambirriju, meaning ‘Good Country up ahead, good feeling for the future’.

Yamulhu awara ambirriju

“Good country up ahead, good feeling for the future”

These words in Yanyuwa and in English are provided by fluent Yanyuwa speaker and traditional custodian Samuel Evans and fluent Yanyuwa speaker and Monash University Linguistics Professor, John Bradley.

What’s at the heart of the brand design elements?

The kangaroo

The kangaroo is globally recognised as Australian and is used in the logo. Its story began in the Dreaming when Spirit Kangaroos crossed the land, naming the rivers, valleys and hills. Songlines follow its ancestral journey, teaching new generations the story of Country, belonging and living sustainably for the future. The kangaroo leaps confidently forward with momentum, excited for what’s ahead.


In the logo, the kangaroo’s head is a hooked ‘7’ boomerang that is used ceremonially as a percussive, rhythmic instrument for ceremonial song and dance. The body and tail are boomerangs used for hunting or foraging for food, to defend clan and Country, or to connect with softwood to spark fire.


Australia’s Nation Brand colours and graphic devices were inspired by the Australian landscape, nature and the culturally rich stories associated with them. Green and gold evoke forest, bushland, the sun and sand. Track, river and glow graphics draw inspiration from Indigenous dot painting techniques.

Industry led,
government enabled

Australia’s Nation Brand is the result of research and collaboration between Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council, cultural organisations, Austrade and federal, state and territory governments.

“In an increasingly competitive international market, a unified and strong Nation Brand will help us stand out.”

Andrew Forrest AO, Chair of Brand Advisory Council and Chair of Fortescue Metals Group

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Pictured from left to right:
Wesley Enoch AM, Former Sydney Festival Director; Glenn Cooper AM, Chairman, Coopers Brewery; Bob East, Former Chair, Tourism Australia; Dr Stephanie Fahey, Former CEO, Australian Trade and Investment Commission; Andrew Forrest AO (Chair) Non-Executive Chairman, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG); Christine Holgate, CEO, Toll Global Express; Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO, Virgin Australia and President & Chair, Tennis Australia; Alan Joyce AC, CEO & Managing Director, Qantas Airways; Edwina McCann, Board Director, Australian Fashion Council, Editor in Chief of Vogue Australia; Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Atlassian.

Not pictured: Rod Jones , Co-Founder, NAVITAS; Michael O'Keeffe, CEO, Aesop.

Why you should use Australia’s Nation Brand

If you’re looking to showcase your products or services to the world, Australia’s Nation Brand is a unifying platform to start from, with free assets for businesses, industries and government agencies.

Be recognised as quintessentially Australian

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