18 February 2022

Who can use Australia’s Nation Brand?

Australian businesses and government organisations are invited to use the free assets.

Let’s come together to help Australia shine on the world stage.

Australia’s Nation Brand has been designed to show international audiences that Australia is a country of bright ideas and innovation, world-class products and produce, and leading cultural and educational institutions.

Australia’s Nation Brand is an umbrella brand for Australian businesses, industry and government agencies to seek new opportunities internationally and strengthen existing ones. The assets are flexible and can be adopted in various channels, alongside your brand.

By leveraging the free assets and templates, we can inspire the world to invest, visit, study and buy from Australia.

Adopting Australia’s Nation Brand

Australia’s Nation Brand is available for use by Australian businesses and industries, as well as local and international Australian Government staff who are representing the nation to an international audience. If your organisation has an ABN, or is an Australian state, territory or federal government agency, and you’re promoting Australia internationally, then you’re welcome to use Australia’s Nation Brand.

Australian businesses and industries

Australia’s Nation Brand aims to reshape perceptions about Australia internationally. Importantly, it doesn't replace the Australian Made logo, so if your organisation is licensed to use it, you should continue to do so in conjunction with the relevant elements of the Nation Brand. Australia’s Nation Brand is an overarching platform under which Australian businesses from all sectors can grow, create opportunities, and export their high quality products and highly trusted services to the world.

Australian Government

Australia’s Nation Brand gives government departments and stakeholders a framework to guide their international activities and shape global communications. Having the vast reach, connections and resources of the Australian Government all laddering up to a consistent strategy and narrative, will make government activity more effective and efficient.

State and territory governments

Australia’s Nation Brand will help unify and elevate state and territory efforts, to take their offerings to the world under the instantly recognisable Australian brand identity. By rolling out state-based stories under Australia’s Nation Brand, all states and territories can benefit.

Ready to start using Australia’s Nation Brand?

Explore the free assets available from Australia’s Nation Brand Toolkit. For a detailed overview of Australia’s Nation Brand, refer to the Brand Guidelines. To download the assets, you’ll need to register first.

Do you have an international event coming up? A speech to deliver? Social media posts to develop? You’ll find project-based resources and ready-to-go templates in the Toolkit.