23 August 2023

The Matildas go far at FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™

Australia’s Nation Brand lights up the sidelines

The Matildas have gone further than any other Australian football team at a World Cup coming fourth following their loss to Sweden in Saturday evening’s match. The game was watched by 2 million households around Australia.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023™ has come to a close with Spain crowned world champions for the first time following their victory against England on Sunday, 20 August.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand™ exceeded all expectations and has forever changed the perception of women’s sport in Australia.

Speaking at the second FIFA Women's Football Convention in Sydney on Friday, 18 August, President Gianni Infantino described the tournament as "simply the best and greatest and biggest FIFA Women's World Cup ever".

Throughout the tournament, the Matildas captured the imaginations and hearts of Australians. On Wednesday, 16 August more than half of Australia watched them play England reaching an audience of 11.15 million – the most watched television program in Australia (since current ratings format started in 2001). And the entire tournament sold 2 million tickets – 500K more than was forecast.

Mr Infantino said: "This FIFA Women's World Cup has been truly transformational, not only in Australia and New Zealand but all over the world.

"In the host countries, we had almost two million spectators in the stadiums - full houses everywhere - and two billion watching all over the world.”

During 32 matches in Australia, Australia’s Nation Brand was clearly shown on the sideline in front of more than 1.2 million spectators at matches around Australia and by record audiences on screens at home and around the world.

Australia’s Nation Brand presence at the halfway mark of all Matildas’ games demonstrates the very purpose for which the brand was created.

Austrade’s Acting General Manager, Communication and Marketing, Sarah Holder said, “We have watched over the past month as the Matildas have gone further than any other Australian football team at a FIFA World Cup ™ in a show of irrepressible optimism. They have forged a new path and changed the playing field forever. They have been tenacious, inventive, agile and ambitious.

“Australia’s Nation Brand shares these qualities and is intended to support Australian businesses to be bold and go far. We are so proud of the Matildas and feel privileged to have been on the sideline cheering them on.”

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