4 March 2024

Perumin 36 Arequipa

Australia’s Nation Brand on show at the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit

From 4-6 March 2024, Australia will host leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States and Timor-Leste in Melbourne at the 2024 ASEAN-Australia Special Summit.

The summit marks the 50th anniversary of Australia’s Dialogue Relations with ASEAN and will raise awareness of the two-way opportunities between Australia and Southeast Asia and promote programs to help deliver Australia’s Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040.

Australia’s Nation Brand will be on show at the summit as part of its vibrant branding. Australia is a trusted trading partner and the provenance of our products and services matters to Southeast Asian buyers. Australia’s Nation Brand is being used by the Australian Government at events in the region to promote Australia, its people, products and services. 

Australia’s Nation Brand continues to be the ultimate co-brand and Australian exporters looking to expand to Southeast Asia are encouraged to adopt it and take advantage of the free creative assets available in Australia's Nation Brand Toolkit.