21 March 2024

Leaders joining hands at ASEAN-Australia special summit.

Export to Southeast Asia using Australia’s Nation Brand

There’s never been a better time for Australian exporters to take their products and services to Southeast Asia. 

By 2040, the region is forecast to be world’s fourth largest economy. In 2022, the combined GDP of ASEAN was $5.4 trillion and ASEAN is already Australia’s second largest two-way trading partner.

The Australian Government announced a number of initiatives to support two-way trade and investment during the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in March, including a $2 billion funding facility to boost two-way investment, Australian business champions, working groups and business exchange initiatives, as well as climate and clean energy collaborations.

Accelerating Australia’s trade and investment with the Southeast Asia strategy is in response to the report: Invested: Australia’s Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040, developed by Special Envoy for Southeast Asia, Mr Nicholas Moore AO and released in September 2023.

Mr Moore states: “Australia's prosperity and security is intimately linked to the prosperity and security of its neighbours, and their security and prosperity is similarly linked to ours. Australia has much to offer the region through trade and investment, and we can play a key role in helping maximise the prosperity of our neighbours.”

Minister for Trade and Tourism at podium

ASEAN presents Australia with an opportunity to diversify trade and build its economic security. Australia’s commodities, including premium agricultural produce, minerals and energy, and its services, including higher education, are highly regarded in the region and the Australian business community is equipped to provide the goods, services, skills, and inbound investment needed.

Australian provenance matters to Southeast Asian buyers. Australia’s Nation Brand was on show at the summit and has been used by the Australian Government at events throughout the region to promote Australia, its people, products and services.

The Moore Report states: “Australia’s Nation Brand is in place to enable all Australian businesses to promote their goods and services internationally, through a range of available assets that leverage Australia’s unique value proposition. The Nation Brand will cut through a competitive marketplace with sustained adoption and support from Australian industry.”

It continues to be the ultimate co-brand and Australian businesses are encouraged to take advantage of it to help amplify their presence on the world stage.

Adopt Australia's Nation Brand.