18 February 2023

Australia’s Nation Brand is ranked 10th in the world

Each year, the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI) ranks the perceptions of 60 nations around the world.

Responses for the 2022 NBI survey were collected from over 60,000 interviewees in 20 countries. These countries have major advanced and emerging economies that play important and diverse roles in international relations and trade, as well as in the flow of business, culture, and tourist activities..

The most recent NBI was released in October 2022. It shows that Australia’s Nation Brand is ranked tenth overall.

Australia is in the top 10 across six key attributes

In addition to an overall ranking, nations are scored against six key measures: exports, governance, culture, people, tourism, and immigration/investment. Australia’s performance ranked highly across the board. .

The study also shows that Global Citizens have favourable perceptions of Australia, with a ranking of 71% (well above the average of 59%). This places Australia in the fourth spot globally as a preferred country, and the top-ranked country within the Asian-Pacific region.

In 2022, Australia improved its overall brand appeal and made an even stronger impression globally compared with 2021.

2022 NBI Scorecard Australia

Source: 2022 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brand Index

According to Milorad Ajder, Global Service Line Leader, Ipsos Corporate Reputation:

“Australia ranks in the top 10. It is ranked as the top country for natural beauty, which falls within the Tourism Index. Other areas of strength for Australia are the welcoming nature of its people (ranked 3rd) and the desire to have a friend from the country (ranked 3rd), both from the People Index, as well as willingness to visit if money was no object (ranked 3rd), from the Tourism Index.”

Australia’s strong performance indicates that we’re taking a strategic and long-term approach to building a positive profile and reputation, which translates to social, economic and cultural benefits.

There’s never been a better time to shine on the world stage

This latest NBI research shows that Australians are consistently known for our country’s natural beauty, and our people’s friendliness.

Australia’s Nation Brand is designed to help further enhance perceptions of Australia and our people, and lean into our unique qualities and strengths, which fuel economic growth and the development of our industries.

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