18 February 2022

Australia’s Nation Brand in action

Australia’s Nation Brand can be adopted in a number of ways. Use the free assets to suit your needs - from a sprinkling to a big splash.

Australia’s Nation Brand has been designed to inspire the world to invest, visit, study and buy in this Great Southern Land. It’s the result of extensive research and collaboration between Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council, the Brand Expert Working Group, businesses, industry, cultural organisations, and federal, state and territory governments. Its purpose is to present Australia on the world stage in a forward-thinking, unifying way, and amplify our reputation as a nation that drives great intellectual, financial, scientific, creative and business outcomes.

Australia’s Nation Brand assets are available free to eligible Australian businesses and industries of all sizes, as well as the Australian Government, when engaging with and promoting to international audiences. And the assets are flexible; feel free to lead with the Nation Brand and use the full suite of assets, or lead with your brand and simply adopt the logo. Already, many organisations are leveraging the assets to put Australian businesses in the international limelight. Get inspired and see Australia’s Nation Brand in action.

A little

When leading with your own brand, use the Australia logo to be recognised as Australian.

A lot

Lead with Australia’s Nation Brand and adopt a range of design assets, from fonts and colours to the Australia logo and graphic devices.

Using Australia’s Nation Brand

Looking to leverage Australia’s Nation Brand? Head to Australia’s Nation Brand Toolkit and download the free Brand Guidelines. You’ll find inspiration for using the visual assets in a variety of ways, along with colour palettes, fonts, logos and photography. New to the Toolkit? To download the free assets, you’ll need to register first.