18 February 2022

Study Australia: Discover your brilliant future self

To stimulate demand for an Australian education, Study Australia is inviting budding international students to 'discover their brilliant future self'.

Leveraging Australia's Nation Brand, the Study Australia campaign inspires prospective students to study with Australia through high-achieving alumni stories.

Study Australia executed an international campaign which shared the stories of Australian alumni whose journeys highlight the excellence and potential that can be sparked through an Australian education. It targeted students and their parents in Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya and India, to great success.

Digital and social assets

To encourage engagement, social media assets and copy were developed to support each of the alumni stories.

To further amplify the campaign, short and long-form videos featuring the seven alumni were also created. Additional language versions are available for markets in Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Website and banner assets

Banner assets targeting overseas students drive to the Study Australia website. From there, visitors can search for the right course, location, or mode of study, then start their journey to ‘discover their brilliant future self’.

Campaign results

As of 25 November 2021, nearly 19,000 course searches were undertaken.

Study Australia Masterclasses

To further support the Australian education sector, Study Australia hosted a Masterclass Series. Delivered by globally renowned Australian academics, and hosted via live virtual events in partnership with Times Higher Education (THE), the masterclasses received 1.7 million views.

Masterclasses were targeted to prospective international students, their parents and education agents in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya and Pakistan.